Form I-129F: Petition for Alien Fiancé

A US citizen can apply it for his/her fiancé if he/she is a foreign national.

Green card holders cannot apply this form. Visa for fiancé is called K1 and you can receive it having submitted Form I-129F.

Having received K1 visa, a fiancé enters the USA and must get married within 90 days. After it, he/she applies for adjustment of status (application for a green card, Form I-485).

If a foreign-citizen fiancé has unmarried children under 21 years of age, they can also be brought to the USA by K2 visa.


  • One of the spouses must be a US citizen;
  • The spouses’ previous marriages must be legally terminated by the time of filing the application;
  • You need to prove that you have seen your fiancé (not online) at least one time within the last two years (there are exceptions for cultural, national or religious traditions, for example, it is not usual to see a fiancé before the wedding).

Document checklist

  • A document that proves your US citizenship (for example, birth certificate, US citizen passport or naturalization certificate);
  • If it is not the first marriage submit a divorce certificate;
  • Original statements from both future spouses certifying an intent to marry within 90 days (affidavit);
  • Form G-325A (biography). Submitting Form I-129F Immigrateful will check this form for free.
  • Other documents.


  • K1 visa is usually issued for 4 months. In some cases this term may be extended.
  • You will also receive a sealed package of documents with your K1 visa in a consulate. You cannot open it. It is to be given to an immigration officer after arrival in the USA (for example, at a passport control at an airport)
  • Children enter the USA with their parent by K2 visa (they can enter later, not earlier). Separate forms for children are not submitted.
  • You need to get married within 90 days after you have entered the USA. Marriage must be officially registered (church wedding is not enough)


All your documents in any language, except for English, must be translated. You need to bring originals of all the documents mentioned in your application to an interview.

Documentary evidence attached to an application shall be of good quality and translated into English. A translator shall certify that he/she has a command of both languages and the translation is faithful. The translation must be certified with the translator’s signature with his/her name, contacts and qualification. All the originals will be returned after the interview.

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