Form I-90: Replacement or Renewal of a Green Card.

This form is used to extend, renew or replace a green card. The reasons may be different, for example expiration of validity, loss, theft, change of name.

If you do not apply Form I-90 in time, you can be deported.

Remember that US permanent residents only can file the form. This form is not used to adjust a status or receive a green card. There is Form I-485 for it (Application for a Green Card).

Possible reasons to use this form:

  • Your 10-year green card expires in 90 days and you do not want to apply for citizenship;
  • You are turning 14 in 30 days;
  • You lived outside the USA and you had a preservation of the green card;
  • Your card was stolen, lost or damaged;
  • You changed your name officially;
  • An error on your green card (name, date of birth, sex);
  • You haven’t received your green card by mail.


If your green card is about to expire you should send form I-90 within 90 days. It takes about 3 months to process it.

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