Form I-765: Application for Employment Authorization


Green card holders receive an authorization to work in the USA automatically with a green card. However, those, who have not obtained a green card yet, often need to receive employment authorization separately. This document looks like a card and to receive it complete Form I-765.

People, who are waiting for an interview or decision on immigration case, and relatives of employees, who entered the USA by worker visas (I,H,L or O), usually apply for it. Holders of I,H1,L1 or O1 visas do not need to receive employment authorization.

Who may file this form?

  • Asylum applicants waiting for an interview after submitting asylum application (including applicant’s spouse and children) may apply for employment authorization in 150 days after USCIS receives Form I-589;
  • Foreign-national students seeking practical training (OPT) in their major area;
  • Spouses and children of employees of diplomatic services and international agencies;
  • Applicants for a green card through family (Form I-485).

How to extend employment authorization?

  • Employment authorization is issued for one year. Within 90 days before authorization expires you can file an application to extend employment authorization. Complete Form I-765 for it as well;
  • It is better to extend your employment authorization in three months before it expires;

Document checklist:

  • Copy of your last employment authorization;
  • USCIS proof that you are authorized to work;
  • USCIS proof that you have applied for a green card, if it relevant for your situation;
  • 2 photos.
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