How to obtain US citizenship

The USA is the country with a high level of immigration, where hundreds of thousands immigrants arrive from all over the world. Of course, Green Card holders are permitted to reside and work legally in the USA. However, there are a few privileges available for U.S. citizens only. The main one is an opportunity to vote or become an elected official.

You can go to 174 countries with U.S. passport and you know that you are under protection of the world’s most powerful country in any part of the world. Being a U.S. citizen you can reunite with your parents, brothers and sisters (Green Card holders cannot do it).

Everyone, who was born on the U.S. territory, becomes a US citizen automatically. If one of your parents was or is a U.S. citizen (birthright or naturalized before you have turned 18), you can acquire citizenship having filed Form N-600 (application for certificate of citizenship). In such cases you can apply for individual legal consultation on phone number 855-605-8555

The rest can become citizens having submitted Form 400 application for naturalization in the USA.

You are eligible to apply for citizenship in the USA in 5 years after receiving a Green Card (exception: U.S. citizens’ spouses can apply for citizenship in three years after receiving a Green Card).


  1. Be 18+
  2. Be physically present on the territory of the USA for 913 days within 5 last years
  3. Pass an interview with immigration attorney successfully. You will have to pass English and U.S. history exam and demonstrate that you are a person of good moral character (in practice it means no arrests).

After passing the interview, you will be invited to a solemn ceremony to take an Oath of Allegiance. You will receive naturalization certificate there. After it you can go to a post office and order U.S. citizen passport.