Aleksandr, now a green card holder, came from Ukraine:

My friends recommended Vladislav to me in 2011 and now I recommend him to everyone. Excellent service, translator and preparation of a case at a high level. We were preparing for three days and I went to the interview confident and succeeded. All my friends, whom I recommended Vlad, have already received all the necessary documents, or are waiting for them.

Nikolay, now a U.S. citizen, came from Moldova:

I have known Vladislav for more than 9 years. Having arrived here, I heard of him from my friends. In 2006 he helped me a lot and I was granted asylum, then a green card, then a passport and he always helped me. Even now when I have doubts about something I call him. His work produces excellent results. A lot of my friends from Chicago and New York appeal to him. Vlad always says what the results are meanwhile many other attorneys embellish everything to lure clients.

Egor, is waiting for a green card, came from Russia:

I had a question about a green card. I filled in everything on the website. It is very convenient. I prepare my asylum case myself without an attorney. Vladislav helped me with documents for a green card, now I am waiting for it. I would recommend Vladislav. He does everything accurately and immaculately. I could always get in touch with him! Nice thing – I am in Connecticut and when I had to send some document, they sent me a letter with an envelope and prepaid stamp inside!

Aleksei, came from Ukraine:

I ran into his contact on the Internet. I liked our cooperation. Everything was quick, while others promised, didn’t do anything and nothing was clear. I worked in a bank and like when everything is right and well-done. I saw that Vladislav was a professional! Other attorneys said that they weren’t ready to give an answer. They needed to specify something and so on. I wait for some answers until now. Vladislav always keeps terms. Everything is according to a schedule. The only disadvantage of connection with Ukraine is time lag. I recommend Vlad only. I got what I wanted.

Marina, applies for citizenship in 2017, came from Belarus:

In 2009 I was stood up. They took my money for documents preparation and translation and disappeared. Vladislav took up my case after it. It seemed that it was hopeless, but he succeeded! We figured out that English text didn’t correspond to Russian one in my case… It was a miracle! Vladislav is a born attorney. He did impossible! I haven’t seen a better attorney. He is honest: for example, when my friends resorted to him with a problem, he recommended another attorney and it shows that he cares about result. I am a green card holder and I am going to apply for citizenship next year. Thanks to Vladislav!

Timur, is waiting for a green card, came from Kazakhstan:

I am satisfied! Vladislav knows his work well. He is a professional. He gets on with his clients, collects immigration documents for a case properly and prepares a client for an interview. He is demanding, but he listens while other attorneys chasing big money are not ready to devote much time to their clients. Vladislav is determined to win and wants his clients to be satisfied. One more positive thing is that he is an interesting person, has a lot of hobbies and sense of humor. I also can add that office location in Aventura is convenient. He is a powerful attorney and I recommended him to many friends!

Yurii, now a green card holder, came from Russia:

I found Vladislav’s contact on the Internet. There was an advert in Moscow. There is a representative in Moscow and it impressed me because it’s a big advantage for an American attorney. The representative explained everything very well. Luckily, my documents were considered quickly. Vladislav’s part of the work was done properly. I emphasize that the site is convenient and understandable. Frankly speaking, Vlad’s service is more expensive than other attorney’s from the street or newspapers, but it’s worth it. I believe, you immigrate once in your life and it’s worth these expenses!

Dmitriy, is waiting for an interview, came from Ukraine:

I started working with Vladislav in 2015. In comparison with other attorneys, Vladislav’s actions are decisive, honest and open. Everything is said, done and accessible right in time. I have already recommended him to many friends of mine. I liked everything in his work.

Ian, now O-1 visa holder, came from Russia:

I had a negative experience of cooperation with American attorneys: they all have licenses, good advertisements, but I was denied O-1 visa [for the individual who possesses extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics]. I met my colleague-athlete and she recommended Vladislav. She said that he won’t pay attention to time and explain everything clearly. Vladislav made a good impression at the first consultation. Later he completed my case and I got an approval. Besides his professional skills, he is very attentive and interesting person himself. Now we are more like friends and I respect him very much.

Raya, Ian’s spouse:

I can nag at anything, but Vladislav’s work is immaculate. Everything is professional. He doesn’t “blow smoke” and doesn’t take money if he is not sure about the result. As far as I know, he had a lot of winning cases. He is a great attorney!

Dilya, came from Turkmenistan:

My friends recommended Vladislav to me in 2010 and he helped me a lot. I would have failed without his help. He can always hear you out and understand. He is always in touch and makes time for everyone. He’s the best attorney in the world!

Olga, now a green card holder, came from Turkmenistan:

I met Vlad in 2009 in Miami. He helped me to complete my case and then accompanied me to the interview. Unfortunately, I was denied at the interview, but Vlad won a case in court, where I got an approval in forty minutes instead of expected three and a half hours. Now I have all the documents. Vladislav is a competent specialist and I was satisfied with the result. Many people thank him on social networks and recommend him to each other.

Past results afford no guarantee of future results.